The Case for Natural Gas

Fermanagh gas will be cheaper and better for the environment than Liquid Natural Gas imports; it does not require shipment across oceans or via lengthy pipelines. It will give security of supply in uncertain political times. As an alternative to other petroleum products it has a large number of uses for the home, industry and transport.

Going forward, natural gas will play a key role in providing a cleaner energy mix across the globe.

Benefits of natural gas include:

  • Economic driver – attracts manufacturing, software and other energy intensive industries
  • Clean burning – very few by-products, no soot, ash or burn odours
  • Ease of use – no need for storage tanks
  • Convenient – piped avoids having to schedule deliveries
  • Bridge fuel to renewables
  • On demand – instant hot water from tankless gas heating systems
  • Lower maintenance costs for gas boilers
  • Energy efficient
  • Versatile and controllable
  • Quiet

Anticipated Project Benefits

  • An estimated 3,000 direct and indirect jobs in County Fermanagh and across Northern Ireland
  • Significant opportunities for long term well paid jobs
  • An estimated £7bn investment over the project lifetime
  • Local community to have direct benefit (see About Us section)
  • Improved security of supply for Northern Ireland
  • Will help stabilise, if not bring cheaper, energy costs
  • Tax revenues to include royalties, rates, corporation tax, VAT and employment taxes.
  • Decades of gas reserves
  • Reduced reliance on imported gas
  • Potential to attract new energy intensive industries
  • Encourage foreign direct investment
  • Training for local people