About Us

About Us

Tamboran Resources (UK) Limited (TRUK) is a UK & Irish owned natural gas company, that is planning to explore for natural gas in County Fermanagh.

Led by industry experts, TRUK staff and its consultants have detailed local and international expertise.



Members of the TRUK management team have played important roles in oil, gas and geological projects in Northern Ireland and Ireland as well as elsewhere in the world. The team will use its extensive industry experience to bring in to Northern Ireland expertise developed in North America, where the new natural gas industry has transformed the economy at the same time as significantly reducing carbon emissions.

Members of the team have managed projects from an early stage into development and our goal is long term growth of the company.

We are committed to three operational pillars which direct every facet of our work:

  • Best Practice
  • Shared Economic Benefit
  • Commitment to Community
best practice

Best Practice

Safety and environmental protection are vital in the industry if it is to be accepted by the community and we are dedicated to always achieve, if not exceed, regulatory targets set by the statutory agencies.

TRUK is fully committed to conserving the environment, providing safe and healthy working conditions and being a good neighbour.

We have the necessary expertise and technical capacity available to cover all aspects of:

  • Geology
  • Gas reserves quantification
  • Environmental protection
  • Drilling operations
  • Health & safety
  • Site management
  • Logistics
Economic Empowerment

Economic Empowerment

Northern Ireland currently imports 100% of its gas supplies, leaving it exposed and vulnerable to unstable price fluctuations, decisions of overseas governments and global events beyond its control.

A local supply would provide more control, more stability, energy independence and greater affordability, all whilst boosting the Northern Ireland economy and reducing its carbon footprint.

The economic case for supporting natural gas is compelling and TRUK would be creating a multi-billion pound industry in Fermanagh. This is an investment in the West that would create hundreds of jobs directly and thousands of jobs indirectly.


Commitment to Community

TRUK is committed to ensuring that the communities local to the project receive the maximum benefit possible. To this end it will support local training of workers and use local suppliers and contractors as far as possible.

TRUK is committed to a community benefit fund to be controlled by local people which would see schools, community groups, sports clubs and other projects benefit directly from a targeted community grant scheme.

This would be in addition to the UK’s Shale Wealth Fund (Read the TRUK contribution here.). It has the aim of ensuring “the benefits of economic growth and investment are spread as widely as possible.”