Tamboran Resources (UK) Ltd is an independent explorer with plans to investigate and develop natural gas in Northern Ireland.

Our present focus is on that part of County Fermanagh where gas has been found in the past. That gas is the natural gas which is used on a daily basis in our homes, businesses and communities.

Commercial production of natural gas would bring considerable benefits to the local and regional economy.

Producing natural gas in Fermanagh would enable better control of energy costs, reduce reliance on foreign imports and provide significant levels of employment and investment in the local economy.

First, the company must prove the size of the natural gas resource. This initial exploration will require one or two scientific boreholes to be drilled. Accordingly, TRUK has applied to the Department for the Economy for an exploration licence encompassing approximately 608 sq. km in south west County Fermanagh.

Our latest calculations estimate the natural gas reserves from shale and sandstone rocks could be worth in excess of £20billion.

All of Northern Ireland’s natural gas is currently imported via the Scotland-Northern Ireland Pipeline (SNIP). At a time when security of energy supply is becoming less certain, a local low-carbon resource will benefit local consumers and industry.

We will operate to the highest industry standards, in line with the UK Community Engagement Charter.

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